Teen and Adult Theatre (based on Stanislavski method)

We propose a first approach to the actor’s work, exploring the expressive possibilities of body and voice, practicing the art of improvisation. It seeks to develop the imagination as an engine to produce theatrical, to discover and deepen the individual characteristics of each student, approaching the composition of a role / character played within a dramatic structure. The training concept will be the student’s work actor / actress on himself in the process of creating experiences.

1. Promote awareness of your body and your voice.
2. Enhance the expressive skills (gesture, voice, body).
3. Facilitate the free expression of their burden of fantasy, emotion and sensitivity.
4. To encourage experimentation with different forms of artistic language through theater and art integrated.
5. Develop your artistic sense, both in expression and in the assessment.
6. Develop memory, observation and imagination of the participant.
7. Encourage group integration and respect for the partner.


Content A
-Development of psycho-physical resources required to perform a dramatization.

Content B
-Vocal expression & effective use of the word
-Types of breathing & Breathing exercises
-Jobs onomatopoeic
-Pronunciation & Intonation
-Voice projection

Content C
-body technique
-Knowledge and body awareness
-body language
-Physical dexterity and coordination

Latin dance

The aim of this school is that our students enjoy dancing while exercising. Getting enhance your personality with the help of dance and facing an audience to overcome miedos.El faculty specializes in the given mode, taking the titles given credit.
Its curriculum seeks to target the student principal.Brindar dance, comprehensive training given Fundamentals assist and guide you in forming your concerns in investigative and creative development. Sensitivity to the values and the aesthetic development of dance in our country.

· Dance
· Body Language
· Gymnastics
· History of Dance
Sensitization Musical

Fitness – Zumba

Zumba Class Planning Form

Objective: To connect different popular rhythms and dance with a little fitness sequences to be fun like an enjoyable night party.
Concept: Working under to develop the coordination, rhythm, capture, flexibility, corporal expression and strongly muscles.
Warm up
Dance and fitness sequences list: Merengue, Salsa, Regueton, Zamba, Cumbia, Hip Pop, Belly Dance, Tecno Music, Bachata, Afro, Tango, Cha-cha, Mambo and more.
Cool Dawn: Stretching time

Conclusion: The Zumba class is a strong and non stressful cardio to lose weight that you never feel bored, the time running up fast because you use popular rhythms and the music never stop. You get a good physical condition only for something fun, dancing…